HeavySwing is the only training system that aligns strength and flexibility conditioning with hitting drills that promote proper swing mechanics. Our product lineup delivers consistent swing mechanics in every part of the game—during warm-up, in the batting cage, and in the on-deck circle.

The system is specially designed to help hitters take the lessons they learn in practice with them to the plate.

First, use a properly weighted HeavySwing to loosen up. The dual-weighted design is perfect for windmills, trunk twists, back arches, toe touches and numerous other stretching exercises. Start slow, gradually working your way up to full, powerful swings.

Now it’s time for cage work or batting practice. Pick up your HeavyBat, designed for hitting live batting practice, tee work and other drills. You’ll immediately feel how this handle-weighted bat helps you keep your hands inside the ball while increasing bat speed, balance and core power.

Check out specific warm-up drills and hitting drills.