Player Showcase

Each month, we’re proud to give national recognition to amateur baseball and softball players who have chosen HeavySwing bats as part of their training and workout regimen. These players have achieved exceptional results, and we congratulate them for all their hard work, dedication, and success, both on and off the field.

October 2016

Reilly Vicendese
Ellicott City, Maryland

Reilly Vicendese is a higly talented 14-year old who plays for Maryvale Prep in Lutherville, Maryland and for the Maryland Chill 18U Gold based in Ellicott City, Maryland, one of region's premier club/travel organizations. Reilly has played with the 18U Gold for three years, and has also been invited to attend several elite camps and clinics. She has several schools interested in her talents, and attributes a lot of her success to her daily HeavySwing training regimen.

Reilly currently trains out of the Reaper's Den training facility in Columbia, Maryland, where she works extensively with Coach Bo Vicendese to refine and strengthen her exceptional swing. 

She has been overloading with the 80 oz. HeavyBat HB 3480 baseball trainer for over a year, and has recently switched to a custom-built 90 oz. HeavyBat HB 3490 in the past two months. She also uses the HeavyBat HB1H One-Hander with her top-hand and bottom-hand drills, which she does every other day. 

Coach Vicendese says, "Since Reilly is much younger than the girls she plays against, the HeavySwing trainers have allowed her to compete and get even stronger. Her power has definitely increased in the past two years, and we continually see improvement. She would not be where she is today if she did not have the HeavySwing regimen as part of her daily routine!"

Congratulations to Reilly for her incredible work ethic, competitive drive and determination in taking on the toughest competition. We're looking forward to seeing even greater success from her in the coming years. Best of luck in 2017!


July 2016

Marcus Moss
Dighton, MA

Marcus Moss is an exceptional 15-year old athlete who plays for Dighton Regional High School and KR Express AAUBC Barnstormers AAU, and L&M Select team.

Wearing the number #5 on his jersey to honor his late grandfather, Marcus possesses a potent combination of natural talent, determination and drive. He works exceptionally hard to improve all facets of his game. 

Marcus began integrating the HeavyBat 3350 into his training regimen in 2014 to build strength, power and bat speed. He says, "The HeavyBat not only loosens me up prior to a practice, but it increased my bat speed. I typically take 25 swings in BP with my HeavyBat, and then switch to my BBCOR -5." He adds, "It was a huge help when I was transitioning from a -13 to a -5 bat and had to adjust to the weight difference."

Moss's hard work has clearly translated into on-field success, with the following honors and awards: 

2011 - 2014 North East Pony Champions
2015 Dighton Regional Middle Most Improved Player
2016 Dighton Regional Middle Baseball MVP
2016 Dighton Regional Middle Athlete of Year
2016 Summer Classic Champions

Marcus has introduced his teammates to the HeavyBat, and recently added a 33-inch HeavyBat Pro to his training arsenal. He says, "This bat makes the difference. Now my entire team uses it in the cages."

Congratulations to Marcus for his hard work and success in 2016, and look for him to make a big impact for his school and travel squads in 2017.

May/June 2016

Blake Loper
Oxford, MS

Blake Loper is an outstanding 13 year-old left-handed hitter who has been training on and off with HeavySwing for the past 3 years. Standing 5' 10" and weighing 130 lbs., he’s a player that displays power and consistency in his swing to all fields. 

This season was his first using a BBCOR bat, which inspired him to commit to the HeavySwing system. His hitting coach—an avid believer in the HeavySwing system—built a program for Blake to follow. Using the HeavyBat 3260, HeavySwing 3480 and HeavyBat 2540 One Hander, Blake honed his already good swing to help increase power, consistency and bat control.

As a 7th grader, he batted second on his junior high baseball team and was very consistent in that spot. The results of his training really started to show in months 2 and 3, right about the time that the school season was winding down and the travel team was starting up. His increased power and ability to hit the ball deep in the gaps was evident right away. Blake led the team in average, hits, and was among the leaders in RBI and OBP—all while striking out the fewest times on his team.  

Blake was red hot in the months of May and June; during this span, he played 18 games and hit over .500 with more than 30 hits. He was only stopped in July by being hit with a hard inside fastball that actually broke his left arm.

Despite the injury, Blake has vowed to not let the broken arm keep him down, and he plans to begin training exclusively with the HeavySwing One Hander to keep his right arm honed and his body mechanics polished. The remainder of the offseason he is looking forward to adding strength and even more power to his swing by doing an intense routine with all of his HeavySwing products.

Congratulations to Blake for all his hard work in developing his power and consistency. Here’s to a speedy recovery and getting back on the field soon!

April 2016

Kiyeon Kim
#35/Left Field/P
Seoul, Korea

Kiyeon Kim is a talented 15-year old left fielder that plays for Hong-eun Middle School in Seoul, Korea. He uses the 60 oz. HeavySwing/HeavyBat Pro and 50 oz. HeavyBat One-hander Pro to help increase his strength and improve swing mechanics.

In 2014, Kim played third base and led his team to a 3rd place finish in the National Games. Last year, he helped lead his team to a 2015 Seoul Middle School Championship victory, and he was recently selected as a member of the Korean National Baseball Team for the middle school class. In 2017, Kim will play for the Seoul Design High School Team.

Congratulations to Kiyeon Kim, and we wish him great future success!

February/March 2016

Isaiah Abrams
Lawrenceville, GA

Isaiah is a dedicated, hard-working 11 year-old who is constantly looking for that “extra something” that will take his skills to the next level and beyond. A power-hitting first baseman who has always been recognized for his prowess at the plate, Isaiah continues to work tirelessly at improving all aspects of the game, including fielding, throwing and base running.

Last spring, Isaiah was introduced to the HeavyBat 3050 as a 10 year-old. He began incorporating the bat into his daily training regimen, which consisted of at least 100 swings, including dry work, tee work, and soft, front and side toss. Isaiah recently acquired the HeavyBat 3150, and has experienced substantial improvement with his hand and arm strength, in addition to his overall bat speed and swing mechanics. The unique product design with the weighted handle has helped him develop a short compact, inside-out swing, which is important in the development of all good hitters. 

On his former team, Isaiah led in every offensive category including batting average, home runs, slugging percentage, RBIs and OBP. Currently, Isaiah plays for the GBSA Rays out of Stockbridge, GA, where he hopes his continued hard work and dedication will allow him to achieve similar results. Isaiah and his GBSA teammates are on track to have an exceptional season with the help of an extremely knowledgeable, dedicated and professional coaching staff.

Finally, Isaiah would like to thank his hitting coach, Jamil Phillips, who continues to be an integral part of his development.

We want to congratulate Isaiah for all his hard work, focus and dedication on and off the field, and wish the best of luck to his teammates and coaches for a great 2016 season!

January 2016

Rae Wynter
#3 2B/SS/OF
Clarksburg, Maryland

Rae is a 15-year old sophomore who has been training with HeavySwing bats for over a year. Using a 50 oz. HeavyBat has helped Rae increase her hand and wrist strength, which has enabled her to maximize her bat speed.

Rae says, "As the number 2 batter on my team, my job was to get on base and make something happen. Last fall the HeavyBat help me hit over .400, including 3 home runs for the Bowie Blue Jays, a strong showcase team.”

Rae showed great productivity at the plate and was able to help her team win several competitive tournaments.

Good luck in 2016, and keep up the great work, Rae!

November/December 2015

Caleb Stull
Goodyear, Arizona

Caleb is a 17 year-old catcher that currently plays for Gaucho Baseball Academy (GBA) and his high school, Millennium High School, in Arizona.

He was introduced to HeavySwing while take hitting lessons at Glendale Community College, and began integrating the HeavyBat 3360 into his training routine.

Caleb says that HeavySwing bats have significantly improved his bat speed, as well as helping his hands get into the right bat path while hitting the ball. These improvements have made a big difference at the plate, with his tournament average climbing from .350 to around .500 since he incorporated the HeavyBat into his training.

Caleb helped lead his team to an 18U Winter Nationals Championship victory, with 3 RBIs and 2 runs scored. He went 3 for 4 in the championship game, and averaged .500 the rest of the tournament.

Congratulations to Caleb and GBA for their championship, and keep an eye out for Caleb in 2016!

October 2015

Kyle Suraci
#13 1B/Pitcher/Shortstop
Clinton, Connecticut

Kyle Suraci is a highly motivated 13 year-old player who enjoys the challenge to "play up" against tough competition. Always a standout at the plate, he has consistently averaged .500 BA each season.

Last December, Kyle was introduced to HeavySwing at a Baseball Factory event in Vero Beach, FL. He purchased his first 33-inch 60 oz. HeavyBat 11 months ago. Kyle incorporated the HB3360 into his batting program, hitting at least 100 balls during each live BP session at the ballpark. Using the HeavyBat as part of his routine has enabled Kyle to increase his strength and core power, resulting in significantly higher power numbers. Over the last eight months, his slugging percentage increased from .617 to an impressive .883.

Kyle played in three leagues over the last year, racking up a combined 98 hits in 190 plate appearances. This fall, he led his team with a batting average of .550, OBP of  .578 and OPS of 1.461; with 33 hits, 18 stolen bases, 9 doubles, 4 triples, and 1 HR, along with 20 runs scored.

In 2014, Kyle was selected to play in the Baseball Factory Winter Classic, and he will be returning again this December.

Kyle is looking forward to incorporating a new 70 oz. HeavyBat into his winter workout routine, as he prepares to come out swinging next spring. Congratulations to Kyle for his hard work, drive and performance at the plate. Here's to a great offseason in preparation for 2016...keep hitting it harder!

September 2015

Ariella Jackson
Baltimore, MD

Ariella Jackson has trained with the HeavyBat HBSB 3460 for almost a year. Using the HeavyBat consistently in her training drills with Coach Lea Ann Jarvis has helped increase her hand, wrist and forearm strength, which in turn has significantly boosted her swing speed and power.

Last season, Ariella was named 1st Team All-Division in Baltimore County as a freshman on the Pikesville High School varsity squad. She led her team by batting .631, slugging .877, and racking up an on-base percentage of .718. She also led her team with 41 hits, 36 RBI, 4 HR, 23 stolen bases and 29 runs.

As a freshman, Ariella helped lead Pikesville High School to the second-best win-loss record and second-best state playoffs finish in school history. She’s looking forward to even better season as a sophomore this spring 2016. 

Congratulations to Ariella for her hard work in practice and exceptional results on the diamond!

August 2015

Victor Rodriguez
Brighton, Colorado

Victor has compiled quite the stat sheet at the plate. This season, he had a batting average of .417, amassed 63 RBI, and struck out only 6 times in 158 plate appearances. He helped Burn Baseball to a 44-10 record and led the team to 4 tournament championships, 2 second-place finishes (one in the Omaha Slumpbuster national event), as well as a league championship.

Victor also began using the HeavyBat Youth 2940 in December and improved his bat speed by 10 mph over the course of 6 months! Congratulations to Victor for all his hard work and dedication in practice, and his breakthrough performance on the field.

July 2015

Walker Messer
Opp, Alabama

Opp High School's All-State Designated Hitter, Walker Messer, is HeavySwing Nation's newest member. Walker recently started training with a 70 oz. HeavyBat and is already seeing results. To go along with his 2015 All-State honors, Walker was named to AAU Baseball's Super Showcase All-Star Team at ESPN Wide World of Sports in 2012. His summer team, the Triton Rays, finished second in the Perfect Game WWBA 18U National Championship this past year. Walker, welcome to #HeavySwingNation!

June 2015

Ciara McDowell
Gambrills, MD

Junior Ciara McDowell plays first base and pitcher for Elizabeth Seton High School in Bladensburg, Maryland, and also for the 16U Bowie Blue Jays in Bowie, Maryland. Ciara has been using HeavySwing for one year, and currently trains with the 50 oz. HeavyBat and the 40 oz. One-Hander. Ciara's current travel team has won several tournaments, earning many trophies. Her batting average is right around .300, but is increasing with each tournament due to her training with HeavySwing. Ciara hopes to play softball in college, preferably at UCLA or somewhere warm!

May 2015

Tristan Pool
Buckeye, AZ

Junior Tristan Pool plays infield at Verrado High School in Buckeye, Arizona. Verrado is the 8th ranked team in Arizona D2 ball. Tristan has been using HeavySwing for three years, and currently trains with the 90 oz. HeavySwing, 50 oz. and 60 oz. HeavyBat, and the 60 oz. HeavyBat Pro. Tristan has verbally committed to play college baseball at Glendale Community College in Glendale, Arizona.

Tristan says, “HeavySwing gives me the confidence I need to get the bat head through the zone and make solid contact every time. Facing a pitcher with a 90 mph fastball and solid off-speed pitches isn't easy. Preparing for my at-bat in the on-deck circle with HeavySwing is important because it increases my bat speed and allows me to get a barrel on any pitch that comes my way.” 

April 2015

Abbey Kitchelt
#2 P/SS/CF
Olney, MD

Sophomore Abbey Kitchelt is the starting center fielder for Sherwood High School’s Varsity Softball Team. The 16-year-old has been using HeavySwing since age 13, and has helped her team reach a 69-0 record over the past three seasons. Sherwood is currently ranked as the sixth best varsity softball team in the United States.

Abbey uses the 50 oz. HeavyBat for live hitting, and the 40 oz. trainer for drill work. HeavySwing has had a direct impact on Abbey’s offensive production, with the two-hole hitter achieving a batting average above .500 and on-base percentage north of .600 at Sherwood. Abbey’s goal is to play Division 1 college softball.


March 2015

Bryce Moore
Syracuse, NY

Bryce has been using HeavySwing since age 11. His initial goal was to develop power and enhance his overall potential as a switch hitter. Bryce competed in and won the home run derby at the 12U Winter World Championship, and hit a ball an estimated at 422 feet in the summer of 2014.

Bryce currently plays travel ball for AOTR Junior Legends. The Junior Legends have won multiple tournaments, including the ESPN International Salute to Baseball 14U Championship, which was aired on ESPN3.

HeavySwing continues to be a regular part of Bryce’s training regimen (HeavySwing 3680, HeavyBat 3250) as he continues to work hard at achieving his goal of playing Division 1 baseball. Congratulations to Bryce for his hard work and great results in building strength and power!

February 2015

Tory O'Malley
Pitcher/Age 11
Pembroke, MA

Tory O’Malley started using HeavySwing in 2012 when her hitting coach, Kevin Meany of Dirt Dawg Sports, implemented our product into his lessons. Meany said, “HeavySwing has helped Tory maximize her bat speed, strength, and has created some of the quickest hands of any softball player I’ve trained. In fact, I challenged all of the 18U pitchers to throw a fastball by her, and they couldn’t.”

Tory’s swing shows not only proper balance and rotation, but improved power and hand placement since making HeavySwing part of her training regimen. Tory uses a 50-oz HeavySwing for dry cuts and bat work, 40-oz HeavyBat for live batting practice and a 40-oz One-Hander for one-handed drills. Congratulations to Tory for her exceptional success at the plate!

Tory’s career highlights:

2014 – 12U ASA Summer Division Champion (Pembroke Titans)

2014 – 12U USSSA Fall Division Champions (Triple Threat)

2014 – Walk-off homerun in Lowell August Bash Tournament semi-finals

2014 – Semi-finals appearance in Hudson Barbara Hamilton Tournament

2015 – Wide World of Indoor Sports Winter Tournament Champions

January 2015

Nick Angelini
#32/Center Field
Bedford, New Hampshire

Nick Angelini is a highly talented and versatile player, blessed with a potent combination of speed and power—a threat both at the plate and defensively in the field. As his high school’s first-ever two-time varsity captain, Nick holds numerous all-time records, including career stolen bases, hits, runs scored, doubles and triples.

As a freshman, Nick was named Rookie of the Year and Comeback Player of the Year, after breaking his wrist diving for a ball. In Nick’s sophomore season, he was named Defensive Player of the Year.

Nick’s junior year proved to be his breakout season, where he led his team to the school’s first-ever Division 1 State semi-final, leading his team in batting average (.404), OBP (.475), OPS (1.020), hits (39), stolen bases (17), doubles (11), triples (3) and runs scored (21). Nick was also selected as Division 1 First Team All-State Center Fielder, and was selected to receive his team’s MVP and Most Valuable Offensive Player awards. 

For his 2014 Summer Showcase Team, Nick led every offensive category, and was also named to the all-tournament team in the U17 National Championship in East Cobb, Georgia.

Nick was also named to the Under Armour All-America National Team. Most recently, he accepted a baseball scholarship to Bryant University, a Division I program in Smithfield, Rhode Island.

Nick first started using the HeavyBat 3370 in 2012, and is now swinging a HeavyBat 3470 in his training sessions. Congratulations to Nick for all his success, and we wish him the best of luck for a great season in 2015.

“If you want an improved bat path, HeavyBat is the best tool available. Every time I'm at the batting cage, I have a set routine of hitting one hundred balls off the tee to make sure I keep my hands inside the ball. I then do soft toss work and take BP with my HeavyBat.  Whenever I find myself in a rut, I go back to the basics: focus on the fundamentals with the HeavyBat, and sure enough I'm back to hitting hard line drives. This bat does not allow a swing where the barrel is ahead of your hands at contact.  By consistently practicing with the HeavyBat, I have developed better mechanics resulting in more power.  It’s an awesome feeling.  Since I started using my HeavyBat, the ball exit speed from a Tee off my bat has increased from 93 mph to 98 mph."

Nick AngeliniNick AngeliniNick Angelini

December 2014

Ryan Dorneo
#24 First Base
Springfield, New Jersey

Take one look at Ryan Dorneo’s fluid “hands-inside” swing, and you know right away that he’s put a tremendous amount of work in the batting cage. Ryan plays high-school ball for St. Peter's Prep in Jersey City, N.J. (class of 2018) for Coach Pat Laguerre. Ryan’s travel team is Tri-State Arsenal Silver 15U Showcase 1 - Fonseca.

Ryan first started using HeavySwing bats 3 years ago when he was 11, after his dad Joe Dorneo and personal hitting coach Bryan Henton incorporated them into his workout regimen. They chose the 60-oz. HeavyBat ProTM specifically because of its natural maple barrel.

Joe says,

“The HeavyBat Pro has helped Ryan with keeping his swing short, and at same time helped tremendously with his overload workout during his off-season work.” He adds, “In the last two off-season winter workouts, he has improved his bat exit speed by 6 to 8 mph. He is up to 89 to 90 mph consistently with a wood bat.”

As for on-field results, his summer 2014 stats for Tri-State Arsenal Silver 14U were impressive: .459 average, .541 slugging percentage, 1.141 OPS and .600 OBP.

Career Highlights:

July 2014
Selection to Perfect Game WWBA 14U World Wood Bat Championship Tournament Team

October 2014
Member of Perfect WWBA Freshman World Championship (Lakepoint, GA) 

Congratulations to Ryan for his off-season dedication, and look for him to make a big impact in 2015 for his school and travel squads.

Ryan in action at the plate
Ryan in action at the plate
Ryan (far left) with his Tri-State Arsenal teammates celebrating their championship
Ryan (far left) with his Tri-State Arsenal teammates celebrating their championship 



November 2014

Jackson Bartholomew
Wildwood, Missouri

If any player personifies our philosophy and slogan of “Hit It Harder,” it’s Jackson Bartholomew. He’s a 15-year old sophomore at Lafayette High School in Wildwood, MO. An impressive 6’1”, 230 lbs., Jackson plays baseball both for his high school and 16U Major ball in the summer for Coach Rich Phillips and the St. Louis Naturals.

For the past three years, he’s used the HeavySwing and HeavyBat as a big part of his preseason training regimen. Both have played an integral part of Jackson’s success at the plate, and his stats over the past three years certainly tell the story: .410 average, .650 slugging percentage, .900 OBS, .550 OBP, over 40 RBIs per season, and over 25 BB per season.

Both products have helped him to strengthen and refine his swing mechanics as he matures and evolves as a hitter.

Congratulations to Jackson for his exceptional work ethic and on-field achievements. Keep an eye on him as a “player to watch,” and a look for breakout junior season in 2015.

From Jackson’s dad:

“Thought I would update you on progress. My son, Jackson, has been using the HeavyBat and HeavySwing since I purchased them from you at your show in NJ. He just finished his 14U season in which his team was ranked #1 in Missouri. Results: he led his team in average (.451), slugging percentage, on base percentage and litany of other categories. He was also named MVP of his team. I would like to think that along with his God-given talent, he has been helped tremendously by using both the HeavyBat in the cages all preseason and the HeavySwing on his own. Thanks again for turning me on to your fine product.”
- Jon Bartholomew

Jackson Bartholomew Jackson Bartholomew Jackson Bartholomew