“The HeavyBat is a great way to get back to the basics of forcing you to drive your hands forward and its really helped me to create the swing I can take into the game...It's a part of my everyday routine.”

Andre Ethier, Los Angeles RF

“The HeavySwing promotes the swing I’m looking for. I use it to warm up for BP and in the on deck circle to reinforce my mechanics. I’m a big fan of HeavySwing and it’s part of my daily training routine.”

Michael Morse, Miami OF/1B

“I’m a firm believer the proper way to hit down through the ball, which gives you true backspin, is knowing the feeling of the hands hitting the ball first. The HeavySwing line will allow you to understand how the hands should work while training with it.”

Mark McGwireLos Angeles Batting Coach 

“The weight room's great for an overall workout...I'm in there all the time. The reason I like using the HeavySwing System is because it conditions and builds the specific baseball muscles I use to hit the ball. I can take BP and increase my bat speed and power all at the same time.” 

Jonny Gomes, Atlanta OF/1B

“(Orioles Hitting Coach) Coolbaugh has seen lots of training trends come and go, but he said the handle-weighted bat is different. He's convinced it helps, and the people who run the Baltimore business hope this unorthodox training approach gains traction and sales in a crowded market.

“I don't think HeavySwing is a gimmick,” said Coolbaugh, a former major league infielder hired by the Orioles in December after a stint as hitting coach for the Texas Rangers. “It serves a purpose.”

The Baltimore Sun, February 23, 2015

“You can see hitters get better instantly.”

Rob Naddelman, President, Baseball Factory

“The HeavySwing products clearly have unmatched benefits for hitters...that's why they are now the Official Training Bat of the Baseball Factory.”

Steve Sclafani, Founder/CEO, Baseball Factory

“When I played for the Baltimore Orioles (1989-1998), I learned about the importance of swinging with your hands, not the barrel. HeavySwing has developed the perfect training tools to get this feel. I have passed this philosophy on to my sons and they use HeavySwing as a core part of their training. I love the HeavySwing technology, and will continue to have my boys and their teammates use these tools.”

Chris Hoiles, Former catcher, Baltimore Orioles

“My son is a senior in high school and has used a HeavyBat for about a year (He actually has 2 HeavyBats – a 3360 and a 3480) and he loves using these bats. He hits with them every time he takes batting practice. We both believe they helped improve his swing.
(BTW…He will be playing at Vanderbilt next year!)” 

Tim Delay

“Just a quick note letting you know that I implemented the bats in yesterday's and today's (10) lessons with the boys. The overall feedback was positive across the board. I asked for their honest opinions and stressed that they would not offend nor pacify me with their feedback. I wanted to know truthfully.

I had them start with an inside-out drill by setting them up against the wall and take swings followed then with a couple of various quick hands drills. They took approximately 100 swings in total, interchanging with the bats. Two boys even tried using the 3360 for only their top hand. They loved the forearm burn! The boys are aged 13 to 20 yrs. old. The two JUCO boys absolutely loved them. They could each feel their swings correct themselves, and from my position could clearly see their bat head speed up. For the JV-Varsity boys, though it pre-fatigued them for the rest of the workout, they once again were reminded how much stronger they needed to become. (Each lesson is one hour in length and I demand 100% effort in each swing).

Overall, I loved the results and so did the boys... reluctantly! To their credit, they each realize that there is no shortcut to success, unless they have a quicker swing!  

Great product. They will always have a place in my lessons.”

Dave Parlet

“Totally excited! Can't wait! I've heard nothing but great things about the HeavySwing product. I was speaking to Mister Baseball Joe Magno in California, and he mentioned he utilizes his invention the Lightning Stick with wiffle golf balls, then a Flat Bat, then goes to the HeavySwing product. He has produced some of the highest batting averages in the state of California for high school…and his kids are overcoming what you stated the -10 to the -3 BBCOR bankruptcy transition. Truly awesome!” 

Best regards, 
James Cameron

“I hope all is going well for you and HeavySwing. I thought I would pass on a picture to you that I think you will appreciate. It’s Nick’s improved swing as a result of him using the HeavySwing bat religiously everyday when he practices. He ended up hitting over .400 this summer. You add his improved power as a result of his new swing along with his speed (3.83 home to 1st) and his arm strength (88 mph) and he has several Division 1 colleges interested in him going into his Junior year in HS. Your bat is an awesome tool that has improved Nick’s bat significantly. We wish you all the best with your company.”

Bob Angelini

"We love the HeavyBats at Sun Prairie High School. We use it at every level, freshmen through varsity. The HeavyBats are also great to use in the offseason to develop forearm strength and teaches the proper swing path, especially keeping your hands inside the baseball. I also use the youth HeavySwing bats at our youth camp so the younger players develop a sound fundamental swing at a young age!"

Coach Rob Hamilton
Sun Prairie High School, 6-time Wisconsin State Champions
2011-12 recipient of the National Federation of High School Coaches Association Baseball Coach of the Year Award

“My son, Sam, said he really felt the burn in his forearms when he first tested the HeavySwing training bat. HeavySwing helps him hone his swing mechanics and get stronger at the same time. He loves it!”

Rebekah, Baseball Mom, Ellicott City, MD


“When I coached in college and also played for the USA National Team, it was evident that a better system was needed to train athletes and improve their bat speed. The HeavySwing products will provide softball players with the training tool they need to increase their productivity at the plate. I look forward to the continued development of the softball line and plan to integrate it into our events at Softball Factory.”

Lea Ann JarvisFormer Division I College Head Coach
Two-Time World Champion with the USA Softball National Team

“In the short time since we discovered the HeavySwing and the HeavyBat, our hitters have clearly improved on ‘staying inside the ball.’ Many of them for the first time can actually feel the hitting theories that we attempt to teach. Whether you are stretching, taking warm-up swings or in actual batting practice, the HeavySwing and HeavyBat are great products.”

Scott WhitlockHead Softball Coach, Kennesaw State Owls
Two NCAA Championships, 51 All-American Players
“College Softball’s Winningest Coach”

“The HeavySwing and HeavyBat are tremendous products which will allow us to take our team training to a higher level. These are tremendous tools that allow our hitters to really feel the way their hands are supposed to work through the swing. I knew this was a great tool when our players were actually trying to come up with a plan to ensure they could all use them when we were going through our hitting circuit and batting practice, even though that meant running across the field to hand them off as they hit at different stations.”

“Our players are very happy with the HeavySwing and HeavyBat and our coaches love the results we are seeing. You need to have HeavySwing and HeavyBat included in your arsenal!”

Tory AchesonFormer Head Softball Coach, Tennessee Tech University

After 12 seasons with Wilson College Softball Program, I was looking for better ways to teach players the art of power hitting!  In February, the HeavySwing Products and system was demoed to me and my players!  We saw the benefits of the product and started to use it at every practice. After 2 weeks, we traveled a tournament in NC. We hit the ball with more power. After our first 4 games of this season, we have more hits and runs than ever before. Our team is sold on the HeavySwing.

Brett ClineHead Softball Coach, Wilson College

“We dropped 44 bombs as a team this year and broke almost every offensive category in school history. One of our players led the nation in HR’s with 18, also RBIs with 86. The best part is she’s only a freshman. She and I both really believe that your product had a ton to do with that. We were by far the strongest team out there, especially elbows down, and the HeavySwing is what helped build that up.”

P.J. AnadioHead Softball Coach, Herkimer County Community College

“I immediately felt how the weight in the handle increased bat speed and barrel whip through the hitting zone. While using the HeavySwing, I have noticed an increase in my hand speed and I have been able to hit the ball farther than I ever have before. 
I love training with the HeavySwing!”

Jordan CargileAll-Metro Player of the Year 2013