Our Concept

Introducing the Breakthrough Training Concept that Makes You a Better Hitter.

Since being introduced in early 2011, our training bats have already helped change the way many baseball and softball players and coaches approach their hitting and practice routines. We designed our system with one simple goal: give hitters of all ages and skill levels a safe, smart and scientifically sound way to train, condition and create their perfect swing.

Unlike traditional barrel-weighted products (donuts, bat sleeves, etc.) that can disrupt a batter’s swing by pulling their arms away from their body to create a “casting effect,” HeavySwing’s patented handle-weighted training bats are specially engineered to promote the proper swing plane and develop solid mechanics. They help keep your hands “inside the ball,” providing effective weight resistance training without altering your natural swing.

The result: lightning-quick bat speed, better balance and fence-busting power.

But don’t just take our word for it—check out a few of the great testimonials from some top players and coaches who have made our bats part of their everyday routine.

From some of the best professional hitters on the planet, to young players just learning the correct swing mechanics, HeavySwing is helping bring out their best, with real on-field numbers and results to back it up.

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